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Excellence in sheet metal forming machinery - Working with you to achieve your goals.

Center Line is the world leading company in the
punching machine industry. It develops and
manufactures CNC Turret Punching Presses,
setting new standards for the manufacturing of
precision sheet metal punching presses.

Our management is composed of professional
talents in this industry, and each member
contributes in his or her respective filed
of research, design or manufacturing.
We believe our turret punching presses have
strong competitive strengths among the world
leading brand names.

"We work very hard for our partners and customers and sincerely appreciate the great support given for years.
Our commitment is to continually deliver the sturdy, most reliable and precision turret punching presses."
Alec Tsai – General Manager

Center Line CNC Turret Punching Presses have revolutionized the industry:

NTP machines also boast a new, one-of-a-kind drive which has lead to new advance in stamping concepts,
production procedures, and skills.

NTP Series CNC Turret Punching Presses feature high punching speeds (punching 500HPM, nibbling 730 HPM,
marking 1380 HPM) and excellent accuracy.

It is capable of repositioning large worksheets to 1270 x 5000 mm.

A full complement of functions combines with great productivity, low cost, and user friendly operation to
meet your most demanding expectations.

NTPs are energy saving, low noise and have low hydraulic oil demands to keep costs down, as well as to
help achieve your company’s environmental targets.

Your needs motivate us to move forward, innovate, and excel. Whatever your goals, Center Line is your
solution to a profitable, sustainable, and socially responsible stamping business.